I’m Part of Mama Esensial

Tak kenal maka tak sayang. Simak FAQ about Mama Esensial berikut ini yuk:

1. We are all oiler ladies located in USA, Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirate, and Indonesia. By the way, we’re open for the next first oiler dude. From any state, anywhere.

2. We are directly under the USA organization Company of Angels founded by Susan Hall. our RCD is Marcella Vonn Harting. Hence, we’re also known as Young Living Company of Angels South East Asia since ‘Indonesia’ isn’t compatible anymore with our diversity.

3. Seventy five percent of us joined Young Living for the best deal personal use, you may call it non invasive MLM.

4. No money game, no dirty hands, no crossline recruiting.

5. We highly/sacredly teach and apply rational use of essential oils.

6. We serve and provide customers with thorough scientific information.

7. We facilitate shipment to Indonesian members using our trusted forwarder affiliate with the best price ever, contracted exclusively only with us.

8. In the end, we are known as the most dedicated Young Living organization, passionately passing D Gary Young mission: healthy clean organic lifestyle. Coz we ain’t supposed to be sick.

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