Software Reseller Agreement Practical Law

The software reseller agreement should determine whether the reseller is required or authorized to provide facilities, training, or other services. Indeed, many software resellers are mainly IT service companies that offer the publisher`s software as an add-on or tool for their customers or middleware using the software to cover their own software applications with the software or date of the customer or those of third parties. In these agreements, it is important that the software reseller agreement addresses potential issues related to the interaction of these different systems. Klemchuk LLP is a law firm focused on litigation, intellectual property, transactions and the international economy, committed to protecting innovation. The firm offers tailor-made legal solutions for sectors such as software, technology, retail, real estate, consumer goods, e-commerce, telecommunications, restaurant, energy, media and professional services. The firm focuses on supporting small and medium-sized businesses looking for long-term, value-creating relationships with a law firm. Learn more about the experience of law, which is practiced differently, and about our local law firm. Therefore, the agreement between the software reseller should clearly define the role of the reseller and distinguish it from that of an employee or independent distributor. Finally, an international software reseller agreement should contain language requiring the reseller to comply with U.S. laws regulating international trade, such as export controls, sanctions, non-treatment of restricted parties, and prevention of bribery of foreign officials. Even if the reseller is independent of the publisher, a violation of these laws by the reseller can cause serious problems for the publisher.

If the software reseller is really a reseller, the reseller buys licenses from the publisher and then sells the licenses to their customers.