Master Software License Agreement Template

b. a change in the computer software code in the form of a patch or overhaul, which corrects the problem without causing additional problems, has been passed on to the customer, successfully installed and works; 3.2. Customer cooperation; The license. The client recognizes that planetScale`s ability to provide services in a timely manner depends on the customer`s ongoing collaboration and support (including, if requested, the customer`s use of a specific version of the licensed software). As a result, the client will provide PlanetScale with all the information, data, materials and support appropriate to PlanetScale in a timely manner to run the Services, including database consultation protocols, database schema, description of the material used, and any additional information, material or support identified in an order form or work statement. As a result, the customer grants PlanetScale a non-exclusive, global and under-licensed lifetime license to copy, disseminate, modify and use other information, data and materials solely for the purpose of making the Services. PlanetScale`s service life is extended fairly to accommodate delays resulting from the customer`s failure to comply with the above. 7.4. The licensee may not authorize or authorize any of its end-users to violate the provisions of this section 6 and must include similar restrictive provisions in its end-user licensing agreement with these end-users.

In the event of a violation of this Section 6, the licensee frees Silicon Labs from all costs, claims, comparisons and judgments of Silicon Labs, including legal fees, and maintains them unscathed by defending, challenging or requesting that the software be subject to an open source software license or must be disclosed publicly or to third parties. Licensed software and documentation are licensed and are not sold to the customer. With the exception of the licence expressly granted to the Customer pursuant to Section 2.1, PlanetScale and its licensees own and retain all rights, titles and interests of the software and documentation granted, any design changes, improvements, extensions, derivative works or modifications, as well as all related and/or related intellectual property rights, whether developed by PlanetScale, its customers, its collaborators or by independent contractors. To the extent that PlanetScale amends or creates work in the context of providing services to the customer, this change and/or work is the exclusive property of PlanetScale, and PlanetScale has the right to take over these modifications and/or works for the Open Source Vites project. The client will work in good faith with PlanetScale to the extent necessary for PlanetScale to organize or obtain the attribution and registration of all intellectual property rights to any design changes, improvements, extensions, derivative works or software modifications or licensed documentation on behalf of PlanetScale. “SDK,” the software development kit (with the exception of Micrium software). 1.7. “Licensed Software” refers to PlanetScale proprietary software, which is listed on an order form and is licensed to the customer under this agreement, with the exception of open source licensing software. “third-party software” refers to any software that Silicon Labs has authorized by a third party. (d) which is due to the software or equipment of the client or a third party, or to negligence, abuse, improper use or use of licensed software, except in documentation; or b.