Dotfuscator License Agreement

1. Issuance of the licence. This End User License Agreement (“License”) is an advantageous legal agreement between Licensee (a) a single user or (b) a commercial organization (“Licensee”) and PreEmptive Solutions, LLC (“Licensor” or “PreEmptive”), which contains rights and restrictions related to the use of the associated software and documentation (“Software”). The Software also contains all updates, add-on components, web services and additions that Licensor makes available to Licensee or makes available to Licensee, to the extent that such elements are not accompanied by a separate license agreement or terms of use. The software is licensed, not sold. Licensor is only willing to grant the Software to Licensee if Licensee agrees to the terms of such license. Read the license carefully before installing the software. By installing and/or using the software, Licensee agrees to the terms of this license. After payment of the full price of the license by licensee and acceptance of such license, PreEmptive grants licensee a limited, non-exclusive, unassed, non-transferable license to install and use the software on the terms set forth herein. 2. Restrictions in the use of the software.

Licensee may only install and use the Software for internal commercial purposes. Licensee will not rent, rent, rent, lend, sublicense, sublicense, redistribute or permit third parties to use the Software directly or indirectly, whether under a time-sharing, remote entry or service agreement or for the provision of commercial hosting services to third parties. Notwithstanding the foregoing, licensee is entitled to take all actions necessary to use the software for intended purposes, including providing access to the software to independent consultants and subcontractors, solely for the licensee`s internal purposes. Subject to the other terms of this license, Licensee may freely distribute the applications it has processed with the Software. Additional license terms and copyright notices are described in the ThirdPartyLicenses file attached to the software; In addition to the terms and conditions of such a file, all software in this distribution are subject to the disclaimer of warranties and the limitation and exclusion of damages. in the dotfuscator installation directory (standard is C:Program Files (x86)PreEmptive SolutionsDotfuscator Professional Edition 4.13.0). 3. Subscription. If Licensee has obtained a license for the Software under a Subscription Agreement, that Agreement will be maintained until terminated. After termination of the contract, the licensee does not have the right to use the software.

Dotfuscator also expands into the field of license control. With the durability feature, you can specify an expiration date for your app after which it will no longer run.. . . .