Qlik Sense License Agreement

2.6 Third-party materials. The software may contain links that lead the user to websites that are not operated by Qlik. These links are available for convenience and information purposes and do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation. The user accepts that Qlik is not responsible for the availability or content of a website that is not operated by Qlik. Third-party software components that each have their own copyright and open source terms can be distributed, integrated or bundled with the software. This open source software is authorized separately by its copyright holder. The use of open source software must comply with the licensing conditions available in www.qlik.com/info/software-ula. Qlik does not accept any guarantee, warranty or other obligations of any kind regarding these open source software. Qlik does not provide support for these open source software and, where possible, disclaims any responsibility for its use.

User-based licenses give a pre-defined number of professional access assignments and analyzers. If you assign chips, the number of chips available will be reduced. Each type of access costs a certain number of tokens, and if the token balance is zero or insufficient, you can no longer assign the type of access. You can release chips and use the chips in a different way. The number of tokens for the Qlik Sense website can be increased or reduced by activating a new license. 7. KONFIDENTIDIEN 7.1 The User undertakes to keep confidential information confidential until the Qlik user is informed in writing that confidential information is no longer confidential. The User also agrees that the User does not use confidential information unless it is necessary to exercise the licensed license that Qlik grants to the user as part of this subpage. The user protects confidential information with the same care that the user uses to protect his own similar information, but by no means less than an appropriate level of diligence. The user acknowledges and acknowledges that, because of the singularity of the confidential information, there can be no appropriate remedy for the violation of this section 7 and that such an offence would cause irreparable harm to Qlik; Qlik therefore has the right to seek an action for immediate termination, in addition to any legal or under-depending action. 2.2. Licensing restrictions.

Unless expressly authorized by this DELA, the user will not use, copy, manage, distribute, sell, transfer, market, sublicensing, transfer or lease the software directly or through other users; (ii) reverse assembly, reverse competition, decompile, disassembly or reverse engineering (except to the extent that such a restriction is expressly prohibited by current legislation) or attempt to infer the source code from one of the software; (iii) modify, adapt, create, translate or transport part of the software or combine or merge parts of the software with or in other software or documentation; (iv) offer, use, sub-license or commercially use the software as a product (or value) that generates revenue or provides a service to third parties, or to provide third parties with hosting, service, commercial-time sharing, leasing or service (SaaS) services that are not users to enable these individuals or entities to use the software; (v) to allow the use of software or documentation by third parties or to use the software on an online cooperation platform not sponsored by Qlik; (vi) to reproduce software or documentation without mentions of copyright and branding of Qlik, (vii) to use the software for calibrating, collecting and publishing performance data or developing a competitive product with a Qlik product or service.