Kmc Mining Collective Agreement

Since 1949, KMC has been part of some of the most exciting mining and infrastructure development projects in Canada. We have provided solutions for a wide range of resources across the country, including Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, as well as the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Throughout our history, KMC has established long-term working relationships with mine operators, equipment and service suppliers, workers` representatives, locals and our employees. We continue to build on these relationships and pursue growth prospects within and outside the oil sands, coal and hard rock sectors. From early contractor involvement to site recovery, KMC is a reliable provider of mining solutions for mining operations throughout North America. KMC has more than 70 years of history in the mining and infrastructure sectors. KMC provides the latest news of what has happened to the company and the mining industry. Chris` commitment, skills and experience gave him the confidence to run for the position of Local 955 Business Manager. In 2017, union members elected Chris as their business manager. Chris strongly believes in a safe work environment for all. As a job steward and then as an air chief, Chris created an awareness of workplace safety in his colleagues. In 2010, Chris began his role as a business agent for the Union.

During Chris` role as a business agent, he was involved in negotiations on collective agreements for road and heavy construction, devestis and transportation of members and construction sites. Chris has also served on the Board of Directors of the Training Trust Fund for over three and a half years. In March 2008, Chris Operating Engineers became a member of Good Standing. In 2007, Chris began his career at Local 955 and worked in various roles at KMC Mining in northern Alberta. Chris has worked with various union employers in northern Alberta, including Aecon, North American Construction Group, First Canada and Badger Daylighting. Chris` roles ranged from the soldier to the member of an oil change crew. Chris` hard work and dedication became the role of performing preventive maintenance inspections. KMC HAS ONE OF THE LARGEST AND MOST DIVERSE FLEETS OF ULTRA-CLASS EQUIPMENT IN CANADA. Chris` extensive experience and commitment to Operating Engineers Local No.

955 and its members closed the loop for him. Chris` priority is to build a better market share and lead the Union towards a better future for all members….