Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Collective Agreement

In the OAS agreement, like all other CPA agreements, the employer can plan a worker`s leave to meet his or her work requirements and that employees use the leave credits they have granted, in accordance with the value 37.05 (a). In order to meet Schedule L of the collective agreement, the PSAC and the employer conducted a collective salary study for the SC group. This primary research study was completed by Mercer Canada in March 2019 and reviewed by both the union and the employer. The wage study consisted of four different SC jobs and the results showed that the SC positions examined all had wages comparable to the market (Table 17). March 1996 – Agreement between the CNSC (AECB) and the Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management Participants agreed to cooperate on the dismantling and recovery of uranium mines in Saskatchewan, including financial assurances. The employer assumes that the parties have agreed on a common contract on this proposal. The 34 agreements concluded within the CPA and agencies include a number of common items, including fundamental economic increases and other monetary and non-monetary elements. The employer argues that approval of such an amendment would have a significant financial impact – more than $15 million for the SV group – and would exceed the provisions of other CPA collective agreements without justification. (c) obtaining licences for the export and importation of controlled nuclear and nuclear materials, implementing bilateral nuclear cooperation and safeguarding agreements, managing research and development in the area of safeguards from the International Atomic Energy Agency, and advising on the development and implementation of non-proliferation and protection policies; 21.03 The employer undertakes to provide the Institute, quarterly, with an alphabetical list of all employees in the collective agreements unit (by unit of enterprise and by classification) who entered the bargaining unit during the quarter, left the bargaining unit or went on leave for more than three (3) months without pay.

In the case of a staff member who temporarily leaves the bargaining unit, this is listed.