House Flipping Partnership Agreement Template

The section should then describe all the terms used in the rest of the agreement. The goal is to clarify things and achieve transparency about any role within the company. In essence, a real estate partnership contract shows a commitment between two business partners. It usually outlines common goals and a mission for the company; The goal is to ensure that both partners work consistently on the same. Although real estate investors need a partnership agreement, it is not just a formality. A partnership contract can offer legal protection to both partners (and the company) if the operation does not go as planned. While you are encouraged to upload the template to create your own document, as real estate often has unique circumstances, getting in touch with an experienced commercial real estate lawyer is always recommended to ensure that it meets your specific needs. Spencer`s note: This is another contribution to a growing section we call “A.CRE Legal.” One of Texas` top real estate lawyers, Ronald Rohde, kindly offered to share his time and expertise and open his library with real estate law models to the A`s public. CRE….