Cohabitation Agreement Netherlands Example

Of course, it is possible to live together as a couple without official agreement. However, please note that cohabitation, even without formal agreement, will have some impact on the rules of certain institutions, such as the Dutch tax authorities. For example, cohabitation with someone could affect your benefits, allowances and tax returns. Today, more and more couples are living together without getting married or getting married. This does not mean that the end of your relationship is without their own legal problems. The end of the life together can pose many of the same problems as a real divorce. In addition, couples also enjoy the same rights and obligations with registered partnerships as in the case of marriage. For example, you will be, among other things, the heirs of each other and you must be able to take care of each other. The main difference between the two forms of legal association is their dissolution. A registered partnership can be dissolved without a judicial visit, which is not the case for marriage. Marriage is a little more difficult and more complicated to resolve. In addition, divorce proceedings can be quite laborious, time-consuming and costly. In the Netherlands, registered partnerships are legally the same or similar to marriage, and differences between them have grown less and less in recent years.

Less than 10 years ago, marriage could only take place between a man and a woman, and a registered partnership offered same-sex couples the opportunity to have legally recognized partnerships. But today, everyone can opt for both, or even for a cohabitation agreement. Homosexuals can marry, but they can also freely choose registered partnerships, and the same applies to opposite-sex couples. There are a number of differences between a cohabitation contract and a registered marriage or partnership. The notarial agreement also meets the tax authorities` tax partnership requirements, so it can also be tax-efficient. In addition, in the event of death, it is clear how assets and debts are distributed and how the surviving partner pays with a cohabitation contract minus inheritance tax. Moreover, in the case of such a contract, the two parties are not automatically the heirs of the other; They must include it separately in a will. If you want to keep your assets and debts separate, you can get a social contract from a notarized notary. You ensure that your partnership agreement is registered in the register of matrimonial real estate that you can consult here. – Without a cohabitation contract, you do not receive a partner`s pension. Times have changed and will continue to change.

The Netherlands is not as conservative as it used to be. There was a time when some kind of joint life contract or registered partnership would have been considered a taboo, if not a sin. Today, there are different regulations for different types of couples in an ever-changing society. Many couples make an official life pact when they buy a common home or have children. In some cases, the cohabitation agreement is similar to a conjugal agreement in its provisions. A cohabitation contract can be drawn up by a notary, but the parties can also write their own. When jointly buying a home, couples usually have an official agreement with a notary. A cohabitation agreement drawn up by the civil notary Houtepen The main situations in which a cohabitation agreement is recommended have been mentioned.

In addition, a pension fund may ask you to submit a cohabitation contract. Take the test and find out if there is an agreement on cohabitation between your partner and your partner. Expats who do not wish to marry in the Netherlands can opt for a registered partnership or cohabitation agreement.