Apdcl Transformer Agreement

The two sides reaffirmed the need to strengthen the entire bilateral cooperation, in accordance with relevant national security policies and laws, as well as agreements between the United States and Japan. In reviewing roles, missions and capabilities, they stressed the importance of improving several specific areas of cooperation: on the basis of intensive consultations conducted so far and in accordance with these fundamental rules, internal and bilateral coordination should be implemented in a timely manner for the following initiatives, in accordance with the US-Japan Security Agreement and related agreements. — the defence of Japan and responses to situations in the regions surrounding Japan, including responses to new threats and various contingencies; Today, CSC members reaffirmed their shared view on the security environment in which new emerging threats have emerged as common challenges that may affect the security of nations around the world, including the United States and Japan. They also stressed once again the persistent challenges in the Asia-Pacific region, a source of unpredictability and insecurity, and stressed the need to pay special attention to the modernization of military capabilities in the region. In this regard, the two sides reaffirmed their commitment to cooperate closely to pursue the common regional and global strategic objectives set out in their joint statement of 19 February 2005.