Amazon Vendor Agreement

Fifth, try to follow the system defined in the supplier contract, for example, how to count payment dates. Understanding how they formulate things can save you a lot of headaches. Amazon will always insist on the longest payment terms and the seller will want the shortest payment terms. Payment terms usually vary between 30 and 90 days, with an average of about 60 days. To encourage Amazon to accept shorter payment terms, the provider may offer an account in case of prepayment. This discount is usually 1-3%. First, be prepared to discuss the terms with Amazon taking into account your data and strategy. Can you demonstrate and provide the results of the investments you have made in your business? Can you show how your business is on track for Amazon`s growth? If so, you may be in a better place to negotiate more supplier-friendly terms. Not everything in your supplier agreement is flexible. It is more likely that you will get something in your negotiations by demanding changes in cost prices, allowances, provisions, returns, freight and payment terms. Maybe you`d like to have marketing plans and data from the previous year. What was your investment in Amazon advertising? How has this investment increased your business and baffled Amazon? Use the tools and metrics available in Vendor Central and Amazon Ads to demonstrate your progress.