123 Agreement Year

In Section 123, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides for the submission of a Nuclear Proliferation Assessment Statement (NPAS) explaining how the nuclear cooperation agreement meets these non-proliferation conditions. Congress has a total of 90 days in an uninterrupted session to review the agreement, under which it automatically becomes law, unless Congress passes a joint resolution against it. Australia`s experience in exporting uranium to China may be instructive. According to the latest report by the Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation, all nuclear materials engaged in Australia are “well taken into account” and none of these materials “were used for non-peaceful purposes in 2013.” 46 Past reports end in the same way. Australia`s nuclear cooperation agreement with China came into force in February 2007. Following the granting of the waiver to India on 6 September, the UK said the NSG`s decision would make a “significant contribution” to global energy and climate security. [116] Gordon Johndroe, spokesman for the United Nations National Security Council, said: “This is a historic achievement that reinforces global non-proliferation principles and helps India meet its energy needs in an environmentally friendly manner. The United States thanks the governments participating in the NSG for their outstanding efforts and cooperation in welcoming India into the global non-proliferation community. Above all, we appreciate the role that Germany has played as President in moving this process forward. [117] New Zealand welcomed the NSG consensus and declared that it had the best possible agreement with India. [118] One of India`s most powerful allies, Russia, said in a statement: “We are convinced that the exception granted for India reflects Delhi`s impeccable non-proliferation record and will ensure the peaceful use of nuclear exports to India.” [119] Stephen Smith, Australia`s foreign minister, said that the NSG had renounced the “world power of India” and added: “If such a request was made for another country, I do not think it was approved by the members of the NSG.” [120] During his visit to India in September 2008, Mr. Smith stated that “Australia understood and respected India`s decision not to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty.” [121] German Foreign Ministry spokesman Jens Ploetner called India a “special case” and added: “Is this agreement a message of gratitude to Iran? No, that is absolutely not the case. [122] 25 July 2008: the IAEA secretariat informs member states of the Indian-specific safeguard agreement. The Trump administration is currently negotiating a 123 deal with Saudi Arabia.

The next agreement, which expires without conditions of renewal (which could trigger a simpler automatic extension without the agreement being renegotiated or resuscrate to Congress), will be concluded with Egypt in December 2021. The Atomic Energy Act also establishes procedures for authorizing exports to countries with which the United States has nuclear cooperation agreements. (sections 126, 127 and 128, modified by 42 United States. C codified.