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“Company-specific employment contracts will enable elderly care providers to provide specialized services that better understand the cultural needs of residents.” Under the agreement, elderly carers can now hire foreign labour to help older Australians from different backgrounds. Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs Minister David Coleman said these special visa regimes will allow seniors` care facilities to have access to a personalized visa agreement to hire staff with the necessary skills to meet the needs of seniors in their community. We have been delighted to help IACI maintain highly qualified staff to provide its residents with the highest level of care. IACI can now expand its services and expand the organization to meet the demand for services from the Italian community in Perth. Hammond Taylor is looking forward to growing with IACI as they look for qualified PCAs to complement their Australian roster. “This visa agreement demonstrates the government`s commitment to Australia`s migrant communities and elderly caring for organisations. This will greatly help them find the right staff to provide essential elder care services. Founded in 1972, IACI provides elderly care services, retirement care, home care and day care for adults aged 65 and over, the financially disadvantaged, migrants and asylum seekers. The organization currently cares for some 230 inhabitants, 85% of whom are Italians. Many locals prefer to communicate in Italian, as they emigrated to Australia at a later stage of their lives and now live only in the Italian community of Perth since their migration. It is therefore advantageous to have PCAs capable of communicating in Italian in order to allow them to benefit from a higher level of supply.

Nevertheless, an employment contract is only allowed if it proves and proves that local Australians are unable to address the shortage of skilled labour or not be able to use the standard work visa programme. Elderly care providers are now able to hire a foreign workforce with specific skills to support older Australians of multicultural background. If you are an older caregiver, you can apply for a company-specific employment contract to sponsor you for a visa for a temporary shortage of skilled labor (subclass 482) or a visa for the Employer Appointment Program (subclass 186). As the requirements of an employment contract are quite complex and difficult to meet, please call one of our highly qualified immigration lawyers at Agape Henry Crux, where our lawyers have helped many Australian companies successfully secure their employment contracts. Finally, a long-awaited decision, which advocates for migrant communities in Australia, has been taken. Immigration services have finally set up elderly care contracts to support migrant communities. If your organization is looking for a way to recruit overseas BCPs with certain community language skills, please contact us for a confidential and non-binding conversation.. . .