Sixt Car Rental Agreement

If you return your vehicle earlier than planned in the rental agreement, we charge the rental price according to the rental agreement. You get a partial discount for unused rental days. There are some cities in the UNITED Kingdom, such as London and Durham, which charge congestion charges for entrances and crossings. The tenant is responsible for checking the conditions of congestion and is responsible for paying these fees. For rents that depart from a branch within a congestion zone, the congestion charges are automatically applied to the rental agreement to cover the first day of the tenancy. You are responsible for paying congestion taxes for all other extra days. Dashcam is available for a fee of GBP 4.99 per day / maximum of GBP 50 per rental. Contact your sixt rental station or our hotline 44 (0)844 499 3399. If your plans change during your rental period, you will notify us by phone on 044 (0)844 499 3399 or in person at one of our many stations, and our employees will change your lease. This will allow us to adapt to your modified plans. This service is of course free for you.

The amount of the authorization is not immediately debited, but kept in the cardholder`s bank account until the final amount of the rental fee has been paid to us. When the vehicle is returned, the amount of the bill is debited by the credit card provided, unless you present another form of payment. All services can only be ordered by a direct fee to Sixt 24 Hours Roadside Assistance. They also determine the nature and extent of the service required to ensure that the tenant remains mobile. In case of damage to the rental vehicle that is not covered by Sixt as part of the road protection, the tenant is responsible for this damage. (b) Your vehicle lease agreement is with the other company and not with us. Winter tires can only be reserved for certain stations and vehicle categories. It is not possible to reserve winter tires for a single-use rental. All rents outside the UK are charged for foreign use.