Hoa Clubhouse Rental Agreement

This agreement is between lake Crest Homeowners Association, the following, referred to as the owner, and the tenant, the following as the tenant. Failure to comply with the clubhouse`s rental rules results in the loss of the down payment. 2. The clubhouse key must be returned immediately after your function in the mailbox under the club. 8. The rental is only for the clubhouse – not the pool or the pavilion. IT IS NOT PERMISSIBLE FOR THE CLUBHOUSE TO BE USED FOR FINANCIAL GAIN. 1. Facilities must be left clean and in good condition and in good condition.

All the garbage was placed in the right container, which was removed and properly disposed of in the parking bin. Furniture must be placed in its original location. 7. No gluing, gluing or nailing of balloons, tapes, streaming or ceiling lights, walls or doors. As part of the agreement considered, the tenant hereby undertakes to keep the lessor, the lessor`s representatives and the employees of either, free and free of liability for damages suffered by tenants, other personal injuries or deaths suffered by a tenant or another person, during the rental premises or adjacent premises during the terms of this contract. , as a result of negligence. , any other behaviour, the owner`s owner`s or the owner`s employee. 5. In accordance with the fire safety rules of the city of Hoover, the authorized capacity for the clubhouse is 49 people. You will receive a copy of the Cleaning And Guidelines.

By filling out this form, you understand that it is your responsibility to ensure that the items noted are completed after your event. Otherwise, your deposit will be paid and the corresponding fees will be deducted. 6. No loud music that will disturb other residents who use the pool.