Government Service Contract Act (Sca) Agreement

The Service Contract Labor Standards (SCLS), formerly known as the Service Contract Act (SCA), applies to any contract contract between the United States and the District of Columbia, whose primary purpose is to provide services to the United States using service personnel. Contractors and subcontractors who fulfill these federal contracts must meet minimum wages as well as safety and health standards and maintain certain records, except for any special exemption. The law imposes a minimum wage for non-exempt service workers, as set by an employment contract (WD) or collective agreement (CBA), and requires employers to provide health and welfare benefits. Centre Law and Consulting conducts compliance audits for contractors and defends Ministry of Labour investigations and prosecutions of contractors for alleged violations of the SCLS. SCLS compliance is particularly difficult because the rules affect different services within an organization, including accounting, human resources, program management, contracts and executives. Offences can go unnoticed for years without an overview of all services and knowledge of where to look. Our lawyers and collaborators are ready to help you solve your SCA problems, whether you have a legal problem, want to be in compliance with the CAS or need SCA training. For any questions or to learn more, go here [/su_spoiler] The Ministry of Labour must adopt a wage agreement for each service contract that employs more than five service employees and exceeds $2,500. If the contract requires fewer than five service agents, the client must receive a set of the beta salary. SAM or send an E98 request. An E98 form allows agencies to apply to the Ministry of Labour for a wage fixing. If you are offering work categories or a fixed-price service, either in the event of a new Schedule offer or by changing an existing schedule, you should ask yourself: could these services fall under the SCA` responsibility? The McNamara-O`Hara Service Contract Act (SCA) covers the main contracts of 2,500 $US signed by the federal government and the District of Columbia, where the main objective of the contract is to provide services to the United States through the use of service personnel. The definition of “service personnel” refers to any worker who provides services in a covered contract who is not a good faith professional executive, administrator or employee who meets the exemption criteria set out in point 29 C.R.

541. Under the SCA, insured employers must pay workers the wages and union benefits in force in the region – as defined by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) in a wage fixing – to workers, even if the workplace is not unionized. The SCA takes some of the competitive advantage enjoyed by non-unionized firms over unionized firms. Scope – This toolkit provides an overview of the McNamara-O`Hara Service Contract Act (SCA) that applies to employers who provide services to federal and departmental services by service agents. When a service contract expires and a follow-up contract is awarded for the same service on the same site, the successor or its subcontractors often recruit the majority of its predecessor`s staff.