Europcar Hire Agreement

Each driver must have a valid driver`s licence for at least 12 months, corresponding to the category of the vehicle rented. He must also be over 21 years of age (the age may be higher for certain categories of vehicles). – In the event of a breakdown, if the vehicle cannot be repaired on site, the aid must arrange and pay the towing costs to the dealer or representative of the nearest vehicle brand, the organization and payment of the towing costs of a vehicle that has been involved in an accident or collapsed and cannot be repaired on the spot, – locating a replacement vehicle within a 50 km radius; if the vehicle cannot be repaired on site (N.B: the rental contract runs until the last day of the rental as originally agreed), – Transport of the beneficiaries to the rental station where the replacement vehicles must be made available (up to 150 EUR in taxi costs)- If no replacement vehicle can be identified: – a hotel room with breakfast for one night (no restaurant fee), up to 85 euros (INCLUDing VAT) per beneficiary or transport by taxi, train or plane (if no other means of transport can be used) to the place of residence or destination in France or at the point of departure from France for non-residents, EUR 100 (including VAT) per beneficiary. Exclusions: “Regarding assistance to the rental car, are excluded:- assistance to vehicles rented on the French continent that are not territorial rules in point 3) Where can I drive the vehicle?- Assistance of commercial vehicles rented in France and driven abroad.- All incidents or damage, participation in sporting events, rallies or any type of competition.- changes to commercial vehicles abroad – assistance on roads, traffic lanes, land roads and roads not passable – sea crossing fees – battery costs or tolls – repair costs – repairs- rallies or any type of competition. To help people in case of damage /physical injury due to a car accident, the following pregnancies are not covered:- pregnancies, except for unforeseen complications and, in all cases, not beyond the 36th week of pregnancy () – The reference to the 36th week of pregnancy is consistent with the recommendations of the IATA airlines – convalescence and disorders in the process and which are not yet stabilized – diseases already diagnosed and/or treated resulting in hospitalization in the previous six months. request for assistance travel for diagnosis and/or treatment – Attempts at suicide – Suicide states resulting from drug use, uncontrolled narcotics and alcohol search and rescue costs at sea or in the mountains – stays in nursing homes and spa treatments – Late cancellation – If you give europcar less than 48 hours in advance, fee up to 50 euros.