Cass Associate Agreement

24 Pre Billing Query Deadline An Agent An Airline Accepts Incorrect Billing Fees A simplified graphic of the PRE-Remittance Dispute Resolution Procedure The correction is processed automatically during the current period or is processed by the airline`s DCM/CCA. 26 Account clearance procedure Notification agent to the airline in question up to three (3) days before the date of the published transfer. Agent notifies IATA up to three (3) days before the published transfer date until: The airline is allowed to exercise its right under the controversial cargo agent law A simplified diagram of the dispute resolution procedure before the transfer 28 CASSBances TYPE OR IMAGES MAY AFFECT THE SKY CASS BankInstructions Transfers of funds to the IATA CASS Hinge account with Citibank Tel Aviv should take the form of MT103 (“Retail Credit Transfers”) are made. To obtain the full transfer of value, the transferring bank must provide fee details in the form of “OUR” to transfer the net amount. Payment should be made to Citibank Tel Aviv through our USD correspondent Citibank New York as follows: Box 56 (intermediary): CITIUS33 Case 57 (account with institution): CITIILIT Case 59 (Beneficiary Client): IATA CASS Hinge Account Case 71 (Fee Details): Our Box 72 (Sender-Recipient Information): Unique Identification IATA Code (374XXXX) The Office of the Commissioner of the Freight Agency was established in 1992 and has since been serving carriers s air the community, agents, carriers and airlines. The rules for the appointment and mandate of the Commissioner are set out in Resolutions 811d and 811e of the Freight Agency Conference. The Commissioner`s Rules of Procedure and Procedure are available on this website. 27 Example of CASS Billing DisputeAgent for notification to IATA up to three (3) days prior to the published transfer date.