Intruder Alarm Service Level Agreement

Monitoring and maintenance is an essential service offered by GBIS 24/7, 365 days a year. Thanks to an industry-widely approved helpdesk system, managed by qualified customer service personnel, this is the backbone of the services offered by the GB Integrated Systems team. Whether it`s fire detectors or simple break-in alarms, we provide monitoring and maintenance packages for everything we install and more, in the following areas of the market: You get a poor service from your current provider Allows a quick response to activated alarms, minimizing potential losses or damage monitoring system allows remote monitoring of fire alarm systems, CCTV and intrusion systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of an alarm activation, the Alarm Centre (CRA) immediately notifies designated keyholders, if confirmed and agreed in advance, of the appropriate emergency team. GB Integrated Systems offers full service level agreements (SLAs) for all new and existing systems. ALPs can be our standard offer or tailored to any situation and budget. If potential customers want to switch from their current service provider to GBIS, one of our experienced team members will conduct a site survey and offer an ALS that meets your needs, ensuring the performance and reliability of your equipment. Whether you have just moved into a new property with an existing fire/safety system or have problems with your previous security company, our experienced team is at your disposal. There are many ways to monitor a system, GB Integrated Systems offers the following types: To learn about the acquisition of your existing security system, please call 01282 451300 or visit our contact site GB Integrated Systems Ltd. offer fully planned preventative maintenance packages for the following systems: Rest especially if the premises are not in use You want to consolidate all their systems under the responsibility of a company you have a new property, an existing system more much more about our NSI Gold ARC / RVRC with headquarters at Manchester Police and firefighters responds to on-site assistance on all our facilities, fire alarm, alarms, alarms, CCTV, , Nurse Nessanruf, safety lighting and emergency lighting, we offer a maintenance contract with a service level contract (SLA).

An experienced member of our team will check your existing system, make recommendations and guide you through the acquisition process. With over 25 years of experience in providing the best fire and safety solutions for our customers, you can be sure to be in safe hands by moving your maintenance/system monitoring to us. Depending on the environment, tests can be carried out every six months or every year. Service level agreements are available to meet any situation and bag. Payments can be monthly, six months or per year. You are not able to contact the existing company/installer if necessary GBIS has experience in supporting and or monitoring existing systems for residential, commercial, commercial and industrial real estate. The existing business can no longer meet the needs of customers Insurance requires intrusion alarms, safety alarms and fire alarms must be checked regularly. It is also a requirement of BS 5839 (Fire Alarm Regulations) and BS 5266 (Emergency Lighting Regulations) that systems must be maintained regularly.

Planned preventative maintenance: routine maintenance of a planned facility. A planned preventative maintenance contract ensures that your system is in optimal operation at all times. Regular maintenance inspections help ensure that key elements of your system work up-to-date and in their entirety, while preventing the development of any disruptions.