Asset Purchase Agreement Vertalen

An asset agreement is an agreement in which it is not the shares, but the assets (or part of them) that are sold. A spa contract or “share purchase” is an agreement between the seller and the buyer of the company`s shares. In addition to a description of the purpose, price and payment terms, it contains a number of other clauses, such as guarantees, declarations of clarification, transfer terms and non-competition obligations. Share Purchase Agreement – SPA – The M-A Share Transfer Agreement (Mergers and Acquisitions) is a widely used term for corporate mergers and acquisitions. A merger is the situation in which two roughly equivalent companies merge and the management of the two companies forms a new direction. Rather, the acquisition of businesses is linked to unequal enterprises, clearly distinguishing the role of the acquirer and the acquirer (seller). A “share transaction” or “share transaction” is an agreement in which the company`s shares are traded. This contrasts with an “asset transaction” transaction that is traded only (part) of the company`s assets. EBITDA – Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization: 1-300, 301-600, 601-900, – In a MBO (management buyout), the existing management of a company acquires the business from the owners: in other words, they buy the owners, whether they buy or not with the help of external financiers. This is a very important signal of confidence, as “insiders” are willing to take risks themselves with their private assets in the company. This also ensures a much greater link (management also becomes owner) of the management of the company.

EBIT – Earnings before interest and taxes – Operating income . Mezzanine financing (a mezzanine is a mezzanine is a mezzanine is a mezzanine is a mezzanine) information about products and services: a brief description of the range, storage policy, brands and dependence on large suppliers; A description of the market taking into account the current situation and future market prospects and developments; An “information memorandum” is a basic document describing the characteristics of the company to be acquired and the market situation.